The 2018 RBC Tennis Championships of Dallas

Tut Bartzen Hall of Fame inductee

Danielle Gooding

The RBC Tennis Championships of Dallas is honored to have Danielle Gooding as the 2018 Tut Bartzen Hall of Fame inductee.

Danielle Gooding was born and bred in New York, NY, the daughter of United Nations members and is a graduate of the State University of New York at Oswego.

Danielle began her 19 year career at the USTA in 1998, joining the Pro Circuit in 2000.  Under the tutelage of her supervisor, Brian Earley, managing the Men’s Pro Circuit became Danielle’s passion as she played a role in seeing tournaments such as the Dallas Challenger grow and become the premier events they are today.  The women’s Pro Circuit was added to Danielle’s plate in 2014 when she then oversaw a calendar of nearly 100 events.

In addition to the Circuit, Danielle’s fluency in French and rapport with players were a valuable asset in her role supervising US Open Player Credentials for 17 years. Keeping tennis in the family, Danielle met her Australian husband Jay on the tennis circuit where he continues to work as a professional coach on the WTA Tour.

In 2016, Danielle and Jay moved to Orlando, FL from Greenwich, CT.  They are the proud parents of two daughters, Chloe 11 and Sabrina 8.  In fall 2017, Danielle made the bold and brave decision to take a step back from her busy work schedule to “slow things down” and shift the focus more on her role as a mom.

The Pro Circuit remains close to her heart and is proud and confident of its continued success with the team she put together. Looking back at her accomplishments during her career with the Pro Circuit, Danielle is most proud of the innovative initiatives she started from the ground up including webstreaming, branding, a Tournament Director site and a Pro Circuit App.